The Controllers Of The Air Controllers

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Tenerife Air Controllers As mentioned, the air controllers on staff on Sunday, March 27, 1977 was light. This airport was small and on a normal day did not have a lot of air traffic. The airport was not equipped to handle the amount of planes, or the large planes because they were not the appropriate size nor did they have the proper dimensions to allow the large planes to make the appropriate maneuvers. There was no ground radar, there was no ground lights, clouds are moving in and minimizing visibility, and they had to work in their second language. Why did the controllers ever feel it was safe to guide planes they were unfamiliar with completely blind? Why did they not ground the planes when the fog moved in? Controllers are in charge of ensuring the planes safely land and take off by managing the order of takeoff and each plane’s direction. If they cannot see them how are they able to effectively do this? Leadership Style Van Zanten’s leadership style not only affected the performance of his own team, but impacted his decisions, Pan Am cockpit crew, the controllers and all the passengers on both planes. He did not appear to be focused on people during his decision-making at Tenerife, and it is not questionable if there was ever a focus on people. He is very task concerned, and in the case of Tenerife very focused on himself and hitting the Dutch law deadline, which caused him to not focus fully on the task of flying his plane safely off of Tenerife. On a normal day
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