The Controlling Inventory System By Mis

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Ameliorating the Controlling Inventory System by MIS, A Case study of AR Enterprises, Medicines & Medical Equipment’s Business Organization, the Management Information System is the use of computer and computer resources both hardware and software in organization to improve business activities resulting in the running of business accurately, timely and effectively. General purpose software is available in market and solved general purpose issues but don’t assist the specific business process or problem. This study focus to have software to control and manage all the major and minor business processes, for the purpose some specific purpose software needs to be developed. Understudy Organization would be able to get a complete package with software and management system.

2. Introduction
2.1. Background
It is intimidating task to setup and manage a newly developed system for business, available software only a package for the process of setting up accounts and posting daily transactions. These Accounting software such as Peachtree, SAP, QuickBook also assists managers and organization process by creating informative reports and financial statements includes income statements, balance sheet, cash flow statement, retain earning and all other financial reports to increase decision-making effectiveness. (Dave Ingram, 2009) Inventory Volume controlling system is the most important for better management of an organization. Such system must determine the Inventory
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