The Controvercial Big Bang Theory

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Have you ever wondered about the start of time? How about the start of the universe? Well, this question has been nagging astronomers and scientists alike for years and years. But in 1927, Georges Lemaitre proposed one of the most controversial theory of all time, the Big Bang.
The Big Bang is a theory about the start of the universe. People have talked about it for years and it's very controversial. First, let's start with the theory.
The Big Bang was first formed by Georges Lemaitre. He is the first person to actually propose this theory. He also derived "Hubble's Law". Hubble's Law helps estimate the rate of expansion of the universe. The equation is H=v/d where H is Hubble's constant, v is the velocity of the galaxy, and d is the distance from the earth. Even though it seems that he is a 24 hour scientist, he is, however, a Belgian priest.
This theory is believed to have created the universe. Its occurrence was estimated to be 13.8 billion years ago. Of course, this is all estimation. No one knows when exactly it happened. Again, people have different beliefs.
Now, to further express the above statement that people have different beliefs, there are a lot of different forms of this theory. I have handpicked 7 different forms of this single theory to share with you. Here they are in order.
The Universe must have been born in this single violent event which came to be known as “The Big Bang”.
“Inflation set of a series of BIG BANGS, each one spawning the birth of a new
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