The Controversial Debate Of Abortion

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Throughout our Women and Religion Course, we have analyzed how women’s lives have been shaped by religious affiliation, or lack thereof. Religious obligations and ideals have historically placed women in a patriarchal box that has required the submission or obedience of women in order to be a true follower. This ideology has created a movement within different religions for a more progressive understanding of the modern woman and her ability to increase participation and visibility for similar women; who may be experiencing the same plight. Women, who speak out about the emotional, sexual, and physical abuse that pervades certain religions, as well as the lack of respect, provide a voice for woman who may otherwise never have their stories heard. Often times these topics that affect women’s lives are controversial and met with extreme opposition, one of these being the topic of abortion. Abortion has been a controversial topic throughout history but was not criminalized in western society until 1821.The first known abortion practices by the Egyptians were recorded as early as 1550 BC in Ebers Papyrus, an Egyptian medical text that hypothesized that certain plant fibers covered with honey and dates could induce an abortion. Abortion practices were also common in Ancient Rome and Greek society. The philosopher Aristotle referenced it as a remedy for overpopulation, stating that abortion should be procured before the sense of life begun if couples had an excess of children.…
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