The Controversial Debate Regarding The Excessive Use Of Force

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The controversial debate regarding the excessive use of force that has at many times been implemented is becoming more and more frequent in the news. In reading and analyzing the following articles, I have gathered information that would prove beyond reasonable doubt that a police officer 's duty requires shooting, however this shooting does not imply killing. The articles that I will be using and quoting are What we didn’t know before the James Forcillo Trial by Wendy Gillis, Toronto cop James Forcillo granted bail in fatal TTC shooting by City News, Sammy Yatim Streetcar Shooting: Toronto Police Investigation Leaves Unanswered Questions by The Huffington Post, Toronto cops convicted and accused of bad behavior may hurt public trust: critics by Mark Carcasole and Why James Forcillo was charged with murder in the Yatim shooting by CBC News. Police officers have gained a negative reputation for police brutality although not all officers have inflicted excessive force in inappropriate times. They should not shoot a suspect with the intent to kill because, an officer 's duty is not to cause lethal harm but to simply slow the individual, officers are not in their position with the right to deciding a person’s life and the sole duty of a police officer is to protect citizens and in times like this, do the complete opposite. Police officers are licensed to shoot, not kill; often when they are put in a dangerous situation where they feel threatened or fear for their
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