The Controversial Issue Of Abortion

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Today, people have the right to voice their thoughts regarding a topic, rather they’re different or alike, creating a new philosophy about it, or supporting the traditional belief. In regards to the topic, Abortion has been a subject of controversial matters. Some believing they have the right to do such an act while others would absolutely disagree. Before supporting such an act or not, we typically take into consideration the goods and bads of the action first. While taking a life might be one of the more foreseeable cons of the act, there are good outcomes as-well. Such as, not having said child endure hardship during their life. That child being the difference between a mother having the means to support herself or not. Lastly, that child doesn 't have to suffer more due to the condition of that unprepared parent. No child should be brought into this world only to live a short life and meet the same fate as they would have if they have been aborted. On the other hand, I side with those who agree. Not to be referred to as a “baby killer” but as someone who has an idea of the consequences of copulation, rather it 's intended or in some cases unintended. As stated by Dorothy Fadiman in the magazine article “When abortion was illegal” "We are at a juncture in human evolution, where we either must allow individuals to create appropriate alternatives within their own lives and communities, or we 're going to destroy ourselves."(Fadimen par.10) In other words, outcomes we

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