The Controversial Issue Of Abortion

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Abortion. The subject of abortion has become one of the most controversial issues in health care; deciding whether to abort a life or keep it. There are many ethical issues surrounding the topic. When does the fetus become a person? Is it when they grow arms and legs? Is it when there is a heartbeat? Is there an exact point, where ethically, having an abortion is wrong? There are many reasons people opt to have an abortion. Perhaps the child is bared through non consensual sex or from the failure of birth control. It is considered acceptable under those circumstances to end a life mostly because it’s a life that wasn’t exactly wanted in the first place, but is it acceptable for a child 's life to end when the parents discover their child has a genetic disorder? Now, through genetic testing, parents can see if their child has a genetic disorder before their child is even born, and many parents consider or even opt to abort their child due to the discovery of a disability. In The Globe and Mail, Ian Brown writes an interesting article on the controversial issue of abortion and genetic testing through his personal experience with his son Walker. In I’m glad I never had to decide whether my strange, lonely boy ought to exist, Ian brown describes his personal experience with his son who has an extremely rare genetic disorder, cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome. He explains the trials and tribulations of having a son with a rare disability and the ethical debate surrounding whether

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