The Controversial Issue Of Abortions

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As girls reach a certain age, they hit puberty and their bodies start to change. Mentally, their hormones, attitudes and perspectives on life start to differ. Physically, they start to grow in places that are visible to the human eye, but they also start to develop in places that we cannot see by just looking at them. This includes their reproductive system, which worldwide has caused many controversial issues that will be further looked upon throughout this paper. When the word “Abortion” is heard, a heated argument often arises between couples, families, governments, and most commonly throughout women’s minds around the world. Over the past hundred years, the topic of abortions has been an ongoing issue. Many people agree to this practice, while others see it as completely absurd. In the past, present and most likely into the future, women have very little say in deciding whether to have an abortion or to have a baby. For many women, rape is a major issue. Without a choice, in most commonly a life or death situation, women are raped and impregnated by the man who raped them. In cases like this, the majority of women are not financially stable to have a child, nor are they physically or mentally prepared for the life they have ahead. This is when the discussion of abortion comes into place and the controversial argument begins. In Canada in 1892, parliament passed a criminal code that stated the prohibition of abortions as well as the sale, distribution and
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