The Controversial Issues Of Abortion

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One of the most highly controversial issues plaguing our country today is that of abortion. This debate arose in the mid-to-late 1800’s when states began passing laws to make abortion illegal (“History of Abortion”). Although each law varied from state-to-state, the reason for making it illegal seemed to be similar: All surgical procedures, including abortion, were risky and hospitals and well-practiced doctors were not common in most areas. Back-alley abortions (illegal abortions) were very common during this time. Even when the scientific methods and technology became more advanced, women were still getting unsafe abortions. It wasn’t until the Roe v. Wade debate in 1973 that women were able to get a safe, legal abortion from a well-trained medical professional. It also ruled that women had their right to privacy, and it was the women’s right to decide whether or not she would have children. There have been many restrictions and guidelines put on abortion such as parental involvement, mandatory waiting periods, and biased counseling. As of right now, abortion is legal. Abortion should remain legal because of the following issues child-bearing women can potentially face: medical issues, safety concerns, and rape/incest situations. Women considering abortion may be undergoing this procedure due to very serious medical issues, either with the child or themselves. A common, fatal condition in children where most women choose to terminate their pregnancy is Trisomy 18.

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