The Controversial Issues of Obesity, Food, and Health

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In recent discussions of obesity, food, and health, a controversial issue has been whether what people consider being healthy or obese. People share their personal beliefs or experiences about being healthy and about what others need to do or eat to be healthy. On one hand, some people find ways to blame others about the unhealthy eating habits our society has, while other people think that we are responsible for our eating habits, and that we need to choose the healthiest way to eat. Recently, dietitians, the Congress, nutritionists, and the authors of some of the articles we have read have tried to fight against obesity; the results discovered are that we cannot fight the obesity war by ourselves; we need to include our society, the food literature, put labels with nutritional values on food, and we even need the media to change how we see fast-food. In some of the articles we have encountered, we learn that we should also change the cultural view of the food we eat. Food is not seen as part of nourishment for our bodies anymore and according to society food can be classified either as good or bad depending on what the latest diet and the influence we receive from the experts on the subject opinions. Society talks about food as if the only reason for people to eat is to become obese, and they say that if you eat too much, you are in the risk of being fat. “Being fat is one of those illnesses that people do not want to have.” Even although some of the risks of being fat
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