The Controversial Link Between Vaccinations And Autism

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Position Paper: The Controversial Link Between Vaccinations and Autism. (4-6 pages) Preventative care is an important cornerstone in pediatrics. It is important and necessary for adult and children’s health. Vaccinations have been a part of this preventative care that doctors insist parents on doing for their children. Marotz (2015) emphasize that the concept of preventative health helps reduce or eliminate factors that threaten a persons’ wellness. Marotz (2015) even suggest that on a personal scale preventative health can include things such as eating a diet low in animal fats, practicing good oral hygiene, and keeping immunizations up-to-date. Vaccinations have become a controversial topic over the years. There are parents and…show more content…
He decided to test his theory by injecting a young boy, by the name of James Phipps. Jenner would inject Phipps with the pus of a milkmaid in small increments, the boy would get sick but recover quite well. This was the beginning of the immunizations we have today. The controversy of the link between vaccinations and autism has been a hot topic recently. Many parents claim that the vaccinations their child received resulted in their child’s autism. There have been enormous debates regarding the possibility of a link between vaccinations and the development of autism (Miller, Moro, Cano, & Shimabukuro, 2015; Miller, & Reynolds, 2009; Moro, Arana, Cano, Lewis, & Shimabukuro, 2015; Taylor, Swerdfeger, & Eslick, 2014). Most of the research shows no evidence to support that there is a link between vaccinations and autism. Taylor, Swerdfeger, and Eslick (2014) performed a meta-analysis to summarize evidence that was available on this topic from case-control and cohort studies. They assessed the relationships between the development of autism or any autism spectrum disorder and the vaccine administrations (Taylor, Swerdfeger, & Eslick, 2014). Data in the study by Taylor, et al. (2014) showed that there was no relationship between vaccinations and autism, nor between autism and MMR, thimerosal, or mercury. This study not only addressed the relationship between vaccinations and autism but also other factors. Miller and Reynolds (2009) reviewed relevant
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