The Controversial Matter Of Abortion

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The highly controversial matter of abortion has been lurking in and out of many governmental discussions and debates. It has lasted for many decades and was highly practiced until the 1880s when laws and regulations were put into effect. Recently, this topic has been brought up once again and is focused on areas mainly the Southern and Western parts of the United States. Abortion is one of those topics where it can go either way; it’s either pro-life or pro-choice. Both are two very different sides that are so sensitive it can reach out to many people on multiple levels of their emotional and mental state of mind, due to their many religious beliefs. Along with that, it is blown up and mixed in with the negativity of social media and that is a clear the problem and decisions become biased. It comes to these questions that makes me wonder about who should be involved? And why does there have to be only one right choice for abortion and not a neutral side? Or that why can’t abortion simply be accepted by society after many decades of voting and reforming the same laws? The only thing that separates one side from the other side is the argument of the “right to life”, which is pro-life. It is when a girl or a woman has an unplanned pregnancy and must under any circumstances keep the baby from when it is conceived until when the child is born unless the mother has a life-threatening situation that involves the baby. However, a pro-choicer has somewhat of a different out look on

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