The Controversies Of Deer Picking Blackberries

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Deer pick blackberries carefully from their bushes with practice ease. Birds pick the fruit and nibble at it with their beaks. When it has been released from the bush. Rodents such as, squirrels, mice, opossums and even chipmunks love to eat the dark purple fruit. Mice tend to stand on their hind legs and nibble the fruit to avoid its thorns. Larger animals such as foxes, skunks and rabbits love to eat blackberries as well. Once again deer (White tailed deer) enjoy grazing on clovers. In fact, White tailed deer love clovers so much it is in some deer feed. It takes up a large majority of the ingredients as well. Other animals like the Cotton tail rabbi, Red foxes, Woodchucks, Marmots and groundhogs eat clovers as well. Clovers are great
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