The Controversy Between Black-Blue And White-Gold Dress

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Perception is the way in which our brains interpret what the eyes see, identifying and reacting to the world around us. Since every person does not have the same brain, it is not surprising that their outlook, or perception, on life is different. As a result, individuals have a very difficult time trusting their perception, as humans have an innate need for a “sense of approval” from their fellow beings in order to feel confident about themselves. However, there is no one way to validate one’s perception, to consider it “good” or “right”, and this causes many individuals to hold back their trust towards their perception. Individuals should trust their perception, but not use their perception to “define” the reality, as there is no true reality, since reality is based upon perception.…show more content…
Many optical illusions, such as the debate between the black-blue and white-gold dress, prove this to be true. In the photograph, the background of the dress is unclear (due to the quality of the photograph), resulting in many individuals have definite, but completely different, answers to the color of the dress. Individuals who saw the dress black and blue, perceived the dress to be artificial light, while, those who saw the dress as white and gold, interrupted the dress to be in natural lighting, like a light blue sky. Although both interpretations are correct, the color of the dress was indeed black and blue. Since the background of the dress was unclear, our brain filled in the “gaps” with environments it previously knew, thus altering the original object presented. Even when faced with such a simple task as deciding a particular color, our brain subconsciously takes in way more information than what our eyes are focused on, ultimately changing our perception of
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