The Controversy Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The Controversy Defining Autism Autism continues to spark countless discussions and debates throughout the medical field. Some doctors believe that autism is a neurological disorder that can and should be treated, as others continue to think it is simply a difference in human adaption that needs to be nurtured and acknowledged. Regardless of what autism may be, it continues to dramatically rise in the number of children and families affected. With autism being based on such a broad spectrum, the affects and causes leaves the medical world searching for answers in unending stacks of research. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which alters impairments in social interaction, communication, restricted interests, and repetitive…show more content…
Autism establishes an effect altering brain development very early on. Signs are first observable during infancy or early childhood, originating at the age of six months, noticing symptoms by age two or three, and progressing throughout adulthood. It 's important to realise, though people with autism may be intensely impaired in certain aspects throughout life, they often have the tendency to immeasurably flourish in other areas. Autism transforms each individual differently, vacillating from social awkwardness at the high functioning end to completely trapping one inside themselves at the lower end of the spectrum. Socially, those with autism are unable to engage in the normal give and take aspect of everyday interactions. They fail to see things in another’s perspective as they may lack the understanding that each individual has different thoughts, feelings, and needs. This creates a problem with the conscious ability to predict or understand another’s actions. It is common for those with autism to be unable to express themselves which can lead to outbursts, physically aggressiveness, or even self-injuring behaviors. When it comes to communication some autistic children may never develop language skills needing the use of signs, photos, or electronic speaking devices. Then again, others may develop a precocious language ability, being able to speak like a professor, but have difficulty sustaining or showing interest in a conversation. A noticeable
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