The Controversy Of Eating Healthy

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The article ¨The pleasure of eating¨ by Wendell berry was telling us about how mostly americans mindlessly eat. The main argument berry had was that we don't what kind of junk we are eating. What berry is trying to say is we do need to stop buying junk food and buying healthier food. Claims that are trying to made in the article are the problem of obesity, to eat healthier and stop wasting our money on junk food.
The problem with obesity in america is that there is too many people overweight by either a few pounds or 100 maybe more. America is the number 1 most obese place in the world and sadly our numbers will keep going up. We are so overweight because we give into buying junk food for the cheap price. Our children are overweight because we don't give them the right foods they should be eating. The weight is a problem and we need to fix it by doing 2 simply things; exercise and eating healthy food.
Eating healthy is not difficult just eat right like how we should. Buying fruits and vegetables from a local market is just one way to making things better. The most we can do to have a healthy life is to look into how we can make our food we are eating. Look at our agriculture to be aware of what we eat and how it's grown and raised. Agriculture is what helps our economy grow because people know what they
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To eat eat healthy even if you live in a poor environment there is ways to get fresh vegetables. Stopping the habit of eating and binging on junk food is hard but being unhealthy and overweight is harder some choose the hard to have better eating habits. We buy food based on price while we should worry about quality and health factors. As consumers we should take part in food production and prepare food at home and have knowledge of what you are
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