The Controversy Of Extended School Days

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Extended School days
Having a three day weekend and more time to learn is a huge win win, and with the extended school day that could happen. The extended school day is a controversial issue that has been argued over for awhile. Whether or not we should increase the length of the school day itself and give students a three day weekend or just keep the school days normal. Schools should definitely increase the length of the school day and give students more down time and freedom by giving them a three day weekend, more quality time with teachers in school and dramatically help the struggling students. One big plus to the extended school day is that with more time in school it will allow teachers to teach their subject with a much deeper broader knowledge of the subject area. With more time in the school day students will have more time with all their teachers enabling the teachers to be less rushed and able to help students allowing them to get higher test scores and then overall grades. More time in school will also give students more time to work on and really understand projects and assignments, and also allowing them to get more help as needed. “U.S.
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There is no reason why schools shouldn’t extend the school day. The obvious solution to these problems is just to extend the school day and turn it into the four day week. Changing this can help the students now and the soon to be students by giving them a better learning experience and end up doing better in life in general. The extended school day has been used in some schools across the U.S. and has proven to work just as or better than the normal day. The extended school day will not only affect the lives of the students helping them to succeed it will also better our society if the next generation of workers are well educated and
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