The Controversy Of GMO Foods

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GM/GMO foods are foods that are genetically modified to do a specific task or resist bugs, pesticides, or diseases. They are created by altering, adding, or removing a DNA or gene. Monique Conrad says ‘Many fruits and vegetables that you find at the store have been genetically modified’. GM plant aren’t new, but GM animals are so a lot of research needs to be done before they can be sold to the public. There are lots of advantages to GMO foods. One advantage is that they can be genetically modified to grow bigger, taste sweeter, or resist bugs. If the food is genetically modified to grow bigger you can get more product, plant less, and waste less water on irrigation. They can also be modified to be more nutritious. The controversy of GMO foods is that they can potentially be dangerous. People worry that there hasn’t been enough research done for these products to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. Another reason for controversy is that if genetically modified animals accidentally get into the wild, they can mate with regular animals. They can also compete with them for food and make them go extinct.…show more content…
I feel like if there is enough testing and research done on them they can be a good advancement in the food industry. The genetic modifications can solve major problems like sicknesses, diseases and maybe even world hunger. The reason i oppose GMO foods is that there hasn’t been enough testing or research done to know if it is safe. It may cause cancer or another serious
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