The Controversy Of Genetic Engineering

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Stands on genetic engineering Cloning has always been a symbol of advancement and intelligence in our society. Its uncertainty may cause people’ hostility towards this unknown technology. I think the exploration of cloning should be supported and we should pursue further improvement. The knowledge should be widely applied to medical, agricultural and reproduction uses, but should be withheld to the stage of physical characteristics or phenotypes modification. I think genetic engineering is a very promising scientific field which can benefit the human society profoundly especially for the medical uses. The research of genetic engineering can also largely contribute to solving scarcity and increase reproduction of limited resources to higher economy of scale. Nevertheless genetic engineering is still a very controversial problem and many opposed opinions may be raised. I will try to prove otherwise that people can obtain more advantages from mastering this technology. Philosopher Ronald Dworkin argues there is nothing inherently wrong about genetic engineering. He defenses his perspective by refuting other controversies against genetic engineering. At the beginning I want to define genetic engineering, meaning the direct manipulation of an organism’s genetic materials in ways that do not occur under natural condition. The exploration of genetic engineering completely exceeds the convention. However breaking edge innovation is risky to develop and the path of research
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