The Controversy Of Graham Gained National Fame After A Video Surfaced

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Toya Graham gained national fame after a video surfaced of her hitting and yelling at her sixteen-year-old son who was partaking in the Baltimore protest-turned-riots that arose after Freddie Gray died from a broken spinal cord that may have resulted while in police custody (Levs et al.). Protests began after Gray’s death by people who felt that this situation was one of many that indicated widespread police brutality. When Graham saw her son holding a brick presumably to then throw at police along with other rioters, she became very upset and ran after him, hitting him and yelling for him to “go home”(Levs et al.).
Graham, who has generally been lauded for her seemingly stringent and involved approach to parenting, says, "I 'm a no-tolerant mother. Everybody who knows me, knows I don 't play that. He knew. He knew he was in trouble. That 's my only son and at the end of the day I don 't want him to be a Freddie Gray” (Levs et al.). The praise for Graham seems to come from a feeling that parents need to have a bigger role in keeping their children from partaking in criminal behavior by teaching them right from wrong, knowing where their children are, and disciplining when necessary all of which it seems Graham is doing with her son. Unfortunately, this is not always easy. This paper will examine the connection between environment and tendency towards crime as well as societal goals and programs that are working to create the right kind of environment for…
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