The Controversy Of Homosexual Discrimination In Schools

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You get a call from your best friends mom at one in the morning. She’s frantically explaining the tragedy that just took place, your best friend is dead. Like your friend, many people from all ages experience a form of discrimination whether it’s because of their size, personality, raise, or even sexual orientation. People need a way to express themselves without feeling like they don’t belong because of who they are. Your friend is dead because they couldn’t come out as being gay without facing hate from certain people. Yes, there are people in your community who are also gay but your friend was being bullied at school. This i believe schools should have a stronger support system for the LGBTQ.

I was young when I began to question my sexuality. All my life I grew up around a supporting family who told me it was okay to be whoever I wanted whether that was sporty or nerdy, shy or outgoing, straight or gay. I went to sunday school and had great grades, I even played the piano. But something started to change my behavior, I felt ashamed for being who I was. I stopped going to sunday school and couldn’t focus on piano anymore. I knew I liked girls and
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This would help students connect with others around them that may be facing the same situations. Thinking back to middle school, I felt so excluded from girls around me. They were all worried about their hair or dances coming up, but me? I was worried about my inner self. I felt trapped and discrete. I wanted my voice to be heard but no one really understood. Sarah felt this way too, she was a friend of mine who was gay and didn’t really fit in. She dealt with bullies and depression. Sarah tried to ignore people but it got to a point where she felt as if she couldn’t deal with the pain and tried to commit suicide. When I found out about this, I broke down in tears, how did I not notice she felt so alone and
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