The Controversy Of Material Displacement

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The controversy of material displacement, from their primary structural means.

Material displacement, absurd formation and facadism, creates discussion, challenges the viewers and provokes polarised opinions. Architects within the current era, are expressive, artistically driven, technologically aided and therefore experimental. These factors have encouraged outrageous designs and statements. The outcomes have provoked controversy, which are expressed through various mediums, such as media, articles, debates and lectures. An architect that has created many controversial buildings, is non other than Frank Gehry. The individual whose works are considered between pragmatic professionalism and radical experimentation. One building that will be further articulated and examined, is the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). A building spawned from a sketch, and an idea of a tree house and as Gehry himself said “A growing, learning organism with many branches of thought, some robust and some ephemeral and delicate”. The intention of the design was to develop it inside-out, which has undoubtedly shaped the branding and marketing efforts of the school. The greatest controversial statement made towards the building, is its absurd and somewhat organic display of a ‘fabric’ like, brick facade. A facade that has been sculpted in a way that has never been attempted quite like that before. All to achieve the concept of ‘movement’, a fabric like quality with a
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