The Controversy Of Online Schooling

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Online Schooling: An Argumentative Essay

Throughout history, education has played a large roll in all of its forms. Education has been one of the greatest innovations of the human race, and continues to develop in new, yet sometimes controversial ways. Over the past few years, distance education has become a very popular learning career choice. Online schools serve hundreds of students, with their enrollment numbers increasing each year. Many believe that this is the future of education. However, not all can agree, when it comes to this current education controversy. Online schooling is an efficient, effective and positive learning opportunity because it allows for students to have a flexible schedule, provides a safe learning environment,
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Unfortunately, many learning opportunities are unavailable to them, due to rigorously structured school days. Online schooling allows a student to plan his or her day according to their needs. Often times, a deadline is given at the end of the week, opposed to the end of the class period. This allows students to structure their own time, and gives them much desired flexibility to engage in other activities. Schedule fluidity teaches students self-motivation, and responsibility. If they do not carefully plan their time, the result is falling behind. Time management is not only a useful skill, but one that is practically required in college. Because of online education, “...students do not need to adhere to a traditional school schedule to complete their work and earn a diploma,”(Van Beek). This is a great alternative for those who seek great learning experiences outside of school, and do not wish to be tethered to a rigid schedule. Some may suggest that a structured schedule is more beneficial, however, online students still have deadlines they must adhere to, and often times are given a schedule suggestion to help them complete their coursework for the week. Furthermore, a schedule has nothing to do with a student’s ability to learn. As long as they dedicate themselves students can always succeed. Those that claim self-motivation is an issue, I would point out that a student can…show more content…
They fall behind, misunderstand a certain topic, or simply cannot thrive in a conventional classroom. Online instruction grants students the opportunity to have a learning plan tailored to them. Due to twenty or more students in one classroom, students’ needs can be overlooked in the rush to teach all the necessary material before testing. Students can be given direct instruction from teachers and receive much needed one-on-one time.In addition, if teachers are unavailable, many online programs establish a way for students to contact 24 hour available tutors.Teachers take the time to carefully plan and tailor a teaching strategy that meet an individual’s needs. Pupils that have difficulty understanding material are allowed time to learn, and be taught in a way that they can understand. According to the U.S Department of Education, “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction," (Orgill). Studies have shown that online pupils usually perform better on tests, up to “19%” better in some cases, (Van Beek). Many boards of teachers argue over the matter of online education, especially when they believe it concerns their job. Teachers and critics alike claim the online school undermines the need for teachers. On the contrary, the best results have come from students who received “... a blended model of online learning coupled with real face time,” (Orgill) Students need teachers to
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