The Controversy Of Race And Authority

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Has one ever felt disheartened watching the news and the headlines says that there was another minority victim in an officer related shooting? Has one ever wondered why race versus authority is such a huge problem? Has one ever asked how did society get this far as to physically harming law enforcement? The answer is the media has allowed it to get this far. Race relations and authority has been a deep rooted problem since the founding of this nation. By enslaving Africans and other ethnicities, wealthy white forced them to long hard toils under the sun. Fast forward to the middle 19th century and those enslaved have been set free yet those people are still being oppressed. Fast forward now to the middle 20th century where one hundred…show more content…
Not only that, but constantly churning out stories about the incident every hour until it ceases to matter to them anymore. The media do not realize the problems created by the haphazard ways of this kind of reporting. In the 1950’s, media could be said as being the polar opposite of today.
The 1950’s were a time in which televised news sources were not as frequent and plentiful as they are now. One particular situation that needs to be pointed out happened right in the city of Montgomery, known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, shows just how effective media can be when the priority is to give the news without hyperbole or exaggeration. Going to Randall Kennedy’s Yale Law article, the writer describes the climate of the south at this time period “Segregation was a way of life determined in large part by whites who virtually monopolized state power and used that power to subjugate blacks. (Kennedy)” This is what minorities went through in the beautiful state of Alabama. The media effectively allowed the visual representation of what was happening in Montgomery at the time. Of course, there were some bias because of the majority white journalists at the time, but it was difficult to state anything other than the truth with video evidence and picture evidence proving the reality. Media is such a privilege in
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