The Controversy Of The Black Lgbt Community

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Maybe we should just do away with subliminal messages. Those tricky messages never quite show themselves, but make thoughts arise later on. Could we imagine a major piece of history, totally hidden in subliminal messages? The Black LGBT community has been forever present, just hidden in subliminal messages. They have been involved with major civil rights movements. They have been the backbone of the black church dating back to its origin. They have been present in the entertainment realm dating back to its inception as well. All of these prominent roles of the Black LGBT community is often either swept under the rug, or hidden from the public. It is time to remodel the history books. To be homosexual in the sixties was looked at on the same scale as a crime. Whenever there is a picture of the monumental marches of the sixties, there is generally a picture of men, arms locked, on the front line, and prepared for battle both physiological and physical. On the physiological end the picture sends a message of strength. If we look further into the image there is a mass of black women in the crowds, just as the men, locked in arms, just not on the front lines. That is a very intriguing idea.
The bulk of the supports back in those movements were women, but they very seldom were ever featured on the front lines. How much more meaningful would it have been to see a women on the frontline just as the men? Would it hurt the movement to know that one of the men depicted as strong on…

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