The Controversy Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is the system the United States have used to elect the President for the past two hundred years. In this essay, the reader will see that although it did the best way to represent the will of the American people, and in this essay a better alternative will be proposed to the reader. The Electoral college was created in September sixth, nineteen-eighty-seven, and was described as (founder definition) and was meant to allow a stronger South, who by using the three-fifths compromise of 1787 to allow themselves more votes and ensure they are given the most federal power (Amar). This paper will show the reader that the Electoral College is flawed in the way that minority candidates can be elected, less populated states are overrepresented, and swing states are given the most attention.
The fact that a candidate running for president could win as low as one-third of the electoral votes could win the presidency should concern the majority of Americans (Kimberling). This would cause a great divide within the country, with the person becoming commander in chief not having even one half of the nation's support. A second way a
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This occurs because of the extreme difference of population between the two states, with Wyoming only having one-hundred and ninety-five citizens while California has roughly thirty-nine million. Through the electoral college a vote is worth more purely based off location, and due to the existence of swing states this distortion is even greater. A microcosm of this event can be seen in a majority of cities, with are primarily made of non-whites. And because the nation's population is growing, with city growth being much more rapid than suburban and rural growth, the urban vote will carry less weight in the Electoral college system than the smaller less populated
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