The Controversy Of Water Conservation

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Every time I want to use the bathroom, I turn the shower on. I kinda feel bad but I am paying for the water so it is ok. I was astounded to hear my friend speaking these words. I was in disbelief of her attitude towards the use of water. Even though her statement was true—the water bill was in fact covered by her tuition— her reasoning and possible excuse of the unnecessary use of the shower was worryingly mistaken. Granted, this statement came from a first-semester college freshman that experienced many changes after starting college. Her actions could be justified by some with the argument that she acted that way in search of some privacy. Nevertheless, that, and other forms of wasting water by college students, cannot be justified once the implications to our environment are considered. Because we, as college students, are not aware of the heightened importance of water conservation, we are wasting this resource, potentially threatening our futures. “Here goes another repetitive essay about water conservation,” you might be thinking, and I don’t blame you. There are a lot of essays and organizations that repeatedly send messages about the importance of using our water thoughtfully before it runs out. This same message has been repeated for decades, and yet, water has continued to flow freely from faucets and showers. Even though water has not run out yet, these authors and groups are not doomsday fanatics that predict the end of the world. They have a very valid reason
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