The Controversy Of Yeats's Health

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By the beginning of 1925 Yeats's health was stabilized and “A Vision" had reached its final stages; finished. All of the trials and tribulation Yeats had faced gave Yeats a new outlook. "His language became more forceful; the Jesuit Father Peter Finlay was described by Yeats as a man of "monstrous discourtesy", and he lamented that, "It is one of the glories of the Church in which I was born that we have put our Bishops in their place in discussions requiring legislation"." (¶3 W.B. Yeats) In Yeats's old age his health wasn't the only thing failing, He was filled with distrust and despite to those of the Roman Catholics in Ireland. He steadily warned his associates, pleading: "If you show that this country, southern Ireland, is going to be

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