The Controversy On Treatment For Insomnia: Therapy or Medication?

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The Controversy On Treatment For Insomnia: Therapy or Medication? PSY101: Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Tolanda Marin January 20, 2014 I can 't sleep; I lay their awake for hours at time, my workday just drag on without being able to accomplish my work in a timely manor. My boss doesn 't know and the lack of sleep is going to get me a poor review. I want to go out tonight but I’m just too tired, I need to sleep. This is the effect of insomnia, statements like these cause people to search out a solution to the problem. Some will turn prescription drugs others will turn to therapy to find the answer that will work for them. Insomnia is a condition that can cause serious problem in all areas of life not…show more content…
The journal states "no effects on next morning psychomotor or driving performance were observed except that the decline in memory recall after zolpidem was more pronounced in the next day. No pharmacokinetic interactions were found (Otmani, 2008)." This drug seems to be safe, however one may encounter memory issues, not everyone is able to take this drug. Some have experienced not such a great outcome after trying Zolpidem. In another study that was conduct we see there were side effects that showed up, Otmani might have had a great run for his trial as stated above. On the other side most prescription drugs have side effects, which show up, they may be low but they are still present. The drug Zolpidem has been blamed for about "4% of patients discontinued because of an adverse event; the most common of these events included daytime drowsiness, dizziness/vertigo, amnesia, nausea, headache and vomiting (Yang, L., 2012)". The side effects may not be so alarming as in the numbers, but having the issue with just one can be difficult to handle. Zolpidem maybe a wonderful drug to some to some people. Others it is not so wonderful, however prescription drugs are not the only treatment for insomnia. Drugs may treat the symptom, but the side effects could be a problem. Patients using Zolpidem have to take into the considerations of all the side effects of the

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