The Controversy Over Gay Parent Adoption

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Gay Parent Adoptions
Many states laws deny children in foster care, healthy, loving homes simply because of a potential parent’s sexual orientation (Gray, 2006), The catholic church as well as other organization’s oppose gay adoption based upon religious teachings, while others debate the legality of it (Gray, 2006). In today’s society, many children grow up to be emotionally stable and successful whether they have a heterosexual couple as parents or a same sex couple as parents. Gay parent adoptions are an equal right, as they are becoming more mainstream and are as equally stable as heterosexual adoptions.
Adoption Process
Problems of neglect and abuse begin in the biological home when the biological parents are using drugs or alcohol. Children’s Services are called in to remove the children from the home and are placed into foster care. It is then that the biological parents of the children have two years to complete counseling or a treatment program to regain the custody of their children from the State. If, after these two years the biological parent has not been successful in their program, the State maintains custody of the children and the children are then legally up for adoption. All prospective adoptive parents must complete a home study (parenting classes) to verify their competency. Once completed, the parents search for their adoptive child.
Local and state governments play an important role in gay parent adoptions. Two states, Mississippi and Utah,

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