The Controversy Over Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a controversial book that has raised heated debates across America for the past century. It was ranked fifth most challenging books out of one hundred in the 1990s (Chadwick 2). Although this book is a hot topic, it should remain on shelves, and still be taught in schools. While Huck Finn seems to be only a book of satire, most want this book banned because it is seen as highly racial. “The reading of Huck Finn is humiliating to back students. It contributes to low self-esteem. Only the insensitive and often unwittingly racist teachers respond ‘This book is a classic’ (Washington post 6).” The use of the word nigger upsets many black students and instigates the other students to use…show more content…
The book is so comical, and lively all the way through. What makes this book so controversial is the fact that the word nigger is used more than 200 times in the book, but Twain simply used the term as they would back then. Can you say anyone dislikes Jim? No, we grow fond of him, perhaps love him. The n-word is not demining (Jones 154). Shelly Fisher Fishkin quotes, “Huck Finn is the greatest anti-racist novel by an American writer today.” This is proven in chapter XXXIV of Huck Finn when Huck knew helping Jim may get them killed, but he chooses to try to make him a free man. The book possesses good qualities, and morals. Huck could have turned Jim in; but kept him a secret and stayed afloat the river of freedom. We can also learn that our society is not what is seems. Although everyone is of Christian faith, they still own slaves, and are morally bad people. The novel presents a new perspective on today’s society and how it is still very much like Twain’s time. The need to ban this book from shelves and schools should stop. People need to start to embrace this book with meaning and the humor it possesses. The Banned Books Week Club celebrates the First Amendment and the freedom to read by posting a list of banned books that society should read, Huck Finn being 6th on the list (Adler7). In schools teachers need to learn how to explain Twain instead of banning his works of literature.
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