The Controversy Over Welmed-Personal Narrative

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“Omg, welmcome i am so exictef this is going to be amazing….” Sallie’s wnergy over welmed Me. “Dont somther her “ peace sais cutting sallie off.” Hi i am peace secind best student in the school,” “And i am sallie 23 best student in the school” “Does every one introduce themselves using rabking : i cammeted Yep, it is a tradition. We talked for hours sallie asked me about the word out side desert and what it was out with out magic. Peace was ratter quit and left to study ann hour into the conversation.. Many hours later i saw peace get reeady for bed , soon the lights flickered out off leaving me and peace in complete darkness. “ oh, i forgot to tell you lights turn off at ten o’clock” “ph” we sumbled around until we found the beds.”soodnight
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