The Controversy Over Zoos And American Culture

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What was at one time used to show off wealth and power is now seen as a symbol of sadness and disgust, despite the many minds it blesses with wonder (Adwait- Kulkarni). Today there are huge controversies over Zoos and whether they are inhumane or not. There are also controversies about the United States of America and other countries. Many comparisons can be drawn between a Zoo and American culture. We go out to look at animals that are trapped in a place they have no control of, but could we really be looking at ourselves? We as Americans tend to get stuck in our everyday routines. We get up, eat, go to work or school, and come home, all so that we can do the same thing again the next day. Doing the same thing is a dangerous and unhealthy habit, much like not being in your natural habit. We take the same worn down roads, read the same ancient words, and do not get to really fully experience what else is out there for us because in America we are confined. Many people just do not think that there is really anything else out there for them to see so the make the claim and stick with the mantra that America is the greatest country. We go to work to get paid so that we can feed ourselves and families, and we go to college to get a well-paying job to provide for our future families. Americans’ are trapped in the system because these days we do not know any other way, and we have to do these things to keep acting as providers. “Down the ages too men have been impressed by the

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