The Controversy Surrounding Childhood Immunizations Essay

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The Controversy Surrounding Childhood Immunizations The argument encompassing whether or not parents should vaccinate their children is ongoing. It is a very interesting matter to learn about and I possess some strong feelings about the case. This issue interests me because there are parents who don’t have their children vaccinated, and there are parents who do have them vaccinated. But all these parents share one particular quality: they all would like for their kids to be safe. One of the things that not all parents agree on is whether or not there should be a law making vaccinations mandatory. The public school system requires all students to be immunized. There have been so many published reports, articles, television programs, public service announcements, and other public attention being paid to all sides of this issue. I have seen things on television and heard people talk about how mandatory vaccines are a violation of our personal liberties. On the flip side of that, if our children are properly immunized, we don’t have a constant threat of disease outbreak. Some of the controversy seems to be surrounding subjects such as how often to immunize, how young to begin, and how large of a dosage to give. I can understand many of the pros and cons and I find both sides intriguing. One area that I find fascinating is how any legislation or lack thereof will handle or address the growing number of people who travel internationally. In developed countries where many
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