The Controversy: The Valley Of The Fallen

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But the real problem that could suppose the dismantlement of the Valley, and what concentrates all the hate and controversy, is only one of this people, the Dictator Francisco Franco, who is buried there contradicting his own decree of 1940 were it was stated that the Valley had to «perpetuate the memory of the Fallen in our Glorious Crusade» as he died almost four decades after this warlike conflict, yet he has a preeminent position in the Basilica of the Valley.. Moreover, his burial in a preeminent place in the altar of the Basilica goes against the Canonical Law, as according to the article 1242, «no corpses should be buried in the churches, unless it be the Roman Pontiff or bury in his own church the Cardinals or the diocesan Bishops, even “emeritus"». One of the controversial aspects surrounding this monument is its purpose, who is represented. Although some voices of the political right defend that the purpose of this memorial was always to shelter all…show more content…
This second monument dedicated to the same fatality must make us reflect on the need for it. Why should we have another national monument dedicated to the fallen when we already have the Valley of the Fallen? Moreover, we should dig deeper and question if the Valley of the Fallen really serves its alleged purpose. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by the CIS (Centre of Sociological Investigations) in 2008 that covered specifically the Civil War and Francoism, the 70.7% of the surveyed agreed with the statement that «there should be a monument dedicated to all victims of the Civil
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