The Controversy of Artificial Intelligence

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Throughout its history, artificial intelligence has always been a topic with much controversy. Should human intelligence be mimicked? If so, are there ethical bounds on what computers should be programmed to do? These are a couple of question that surround the artificial intelligence controversy. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence so that you will be able to make an educated decision on the issue.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The first step in getting anywhere with this debate must begin with defining what artificial intelligence is exactly. Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that can engage in the human behaviors of intelligence.
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Every controversial issue has its downside. Some of the cons of AI include:


Loss of jobs

Losing social life

Ethical Issues



Perhaps the single most obvious con is the amount of funding that has gone into AI research. Federal funding is critical because it can sustain long-term high-risk research and provide a collection of technical and human resources. The big question is whether such funding is justifiable. In a world where poverty, disease, and hunger still plague the less fortunate, wouldn't the billions of dollars be better spent aiding those in need? Why should we worry about the possibility of artificial life when we still haven't conquered our more immediate problems? Funding is the smallest problem of AI.

Losing Jobs in the Industry

Many people fear that adding AI to industries will mean a decrease in jobs, which it will. Many fields will feel the effect of AI, if not today, in the near future. Assembly lines that once contained humans, now contain robots. Check-out clerks at stores are gradually being replaced with self check-out machines. Bank tellers aren't used as often because of the ease of automated teller machine (ATM) banking. In fact, some banks charge a fee if you use their tellers for transactions that can be made at an ATM. In the previous section, it was stated that AI
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