The Controversy of Global Warming: Who Is Right? Essay example

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Most people believe that the controversy of the existence of global warming stopped long ago. In fact, that is very untrue. The common belief is that, yes the earth is warming, the glaciers are melting, and our atmosphere is being polluted, all due to man-made green house gases. What’s new? Shockingly there are still some scientists who disagree. Global warming; a very controversial phenomenon that is still happening, which already is not being handled sufficiently enough, is being argued that it does not exist whatsoever. This causes the general public to believe that they are being educated on the falsehoods of modern science, when in fact that they need to be educated on when to distinguish misinformation for themselves. These…show more content…
Over 70% of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. Increase in technology (a.k.a electricity) leads to burning of waste. As well as the increase in population, leads to increase in food consumption, which greenhouse gas emissions generate from livestock, agricultural soils, and rice production. Though scientific evidence has been found to have its flaws, there is still a substantive basis for sizable global warming due to the man-made greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be disputed. Evidence provided from NASA show that the global sea level raised drastically in the past century, the rate in the last decade, though, is nearly double that of the last century. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), "this is a significantly larger rate than the sea-level rise averaged over the last several thousand years", and the rate may be increasing. Sea level rise is one of several lines of evidence that support the view that the climate has recently warmed. The global society of scientists confirm that it is very likely that human induced warming contributed to the sea level rise observed in the latter half of the 20th century. Though there stands significant empirical evidence of this rise, there also
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