The Controversy of the Military Coup in Egypt Essay

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The military coup in Egypt was very controversial. I believe that the ousting of Morsi was completely wrong and should never have happened. After the overthrow of Dictator Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed Morsi was democratically voted president of Egypt. Morsi was only president for a year. During his short spell the military illegally took control of Egypt and placed president Morsi under house arrest. This sparked controversy across the globe.
One of my main reasons why I am against the coup is that president Morsi was placed under arrest for killing his own people which is something I find hard to believe. Why would Morsi kill his own people after the Mubarak dictatorship? After all Morsi was elected by the people of Egypt and he is the people’s …show more content…

It was believed by many people that Morsi done very little to change the country. I do believe Morsi was the president who was going to take the country forward because he strengthened Egypt’s links with other countries. Through the influence of the deep state president Morsi was put across as being a bad president. There is a website – which recorded the progress of the president through his first 100 days of presidency from the website it is clear that president Morsi was continuously making changes in the country. Morsi was the right president for the country. He wanted to do what was best for the country however the deep state didn’t provide him with the cooperation that he needed. I fully understand why people would protest against Morsi especially when they think he ordered the killing of his own people. In the end the military has ended up killing Egyptian citizens, who is there to stop them now? They arrested Morsi for allegedly doing something they are now doing themselves. Whether Morsi was a good president or not it doesn’t really matter the Military should not involve themselves, the military coup defeated the purpose of democracy and in my mind has put Egypt back to square one.
Finally, I believe the military took advantage of the situation the country was in. When Mohamed Morsi became president the military lost its influence in

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