The Controversy over Legalizing Euthanasia

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Legalizing Euthanasia: Euthanasia is described as the practice of killing an individual who is suffering from an incurable illness or disease, which is commonly referred to as assisted suicide. In the past few years, various states have started to consider legislation regarding the legalization of active voluntary euthanasia. The proponents of this practice argue that patients can sometime undergo intolerable and unbelievable suffering and that euthanasia is a potential alternative for alleviating their suffering or ending their hopeless conditions. However, the present debate regarding legalizing euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide has mainly focused on whether it's appropriate for certain individuals or whether passive euthanasia is similar to passive euthanasia. The main issue surrounding the debate revolves around the ethics of having a specific social policy or practice instead of the morality of a particular decision during the care of an individual patient. The major ethical concern about legalized euthanasia is whether legalizing it would promote or prevent a good death for many Americans who die annually from incurable illnesses. In answering this question or dealing with the ethical concern, it's important to examine the benefits and problems of legalized euthanasia as well as the impact of the benefits or drawbacks on the society. The analysis provides the basis with which legislators or laymen can make the decision on whether legalizing the practice

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