The Controversy over the Discoveries of Galileo Galilei Essay examples

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Galileo Galilei, born February 15th 1564 in the town of Pisa, a man who played a significant role in the Scientific Revolution, he was a man of many talents as he was not only an artist, astronomer and engineer he was also a philosopher, mathematician and physicist to name a few. One of his most outstanding improvements were those made to the telescope, although Galileo’s observations, made using the telescope, would be one that would arouse much attention and create a great controversy.

Galileo the eldest of six children was born in Pisa in 1564, several years later his family moved to Florence, he was then educated under the Camaldolese Monastery at Vallombrosa a town southeast of Florence. As a young man he continued his studies
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Following the trial of the Holy Office of Rome, Galileo was ardently suspected of heresy and placed under house arrest restricted by the Pope. Although most individuals believe that the Roman Catholic Church to be at fault, there are several factors which led the Church to act during this controversy.

One of the largest factors which led the Roman Catholic Church to affront Galileo’s proposition of the heliocentric system of the universe was simply due to ignorance. Until this point the geocentric system of the universe had been so widely accepted, that another discovery was believed to be false. This was mostly due to the lack of evidence on the side of the heliocentric system. The Church could prove that the universe was geocentric with the interpretation of the Bible; however, this is yet again where the Church falters. The Bible “is a book of poems and songs, not a book of instructions or history”; therefore the Church should not have based their proof solely in The Holy Scripture.

Although the Church was at fault for ignorance, so was Galileo, he failed to demonstrate any sort of empirical proof that the earth was not at the center of the universe, rather he continued to propose and theory without sufficient proof. One of his greatest supporters was Pope Urban

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