The Controvery Over Euthanasia

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The Controvery Over Euthanasia

Euthanasia has become a controversial subject. It is a Greek word, that means easy death, broken down into origins EU means "good" and Thanatos means death. Therefore, this word also means good death. Euthanasia's definition is the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the person who dies. This implies that the act must be initiated by the person who wishes to commit suicide. (Euthanasia) There are two kinds of euthanasia, Passive and Active, there are clear distinctions between both of them. Passive euthanasia is withdrawal of life support. This type has been specifically upheld by the courts as a legal right act for a doctor to perform. A few examples of passive
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(Euthanasia) Kervorkian has assisted in more than a hundred deaths, but also he finally admitted to over a 130 assists. (collegeterm) A man named Thomas Youk, 52 was killed by the assistance of Kervorkian. The killing of Thomas was videotaped and was given to 60 Minutes to air on television. He was suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease, and to be killed he was injected with a lethal dose of Potassium Chloride. In this assist Kervorkian injected Youk rather than rigging up his homemade suicide machine. Thomas was frightened that the advancing disease would cause him a horrible death; he wanted to a quick painless exit from life. Dr. Kervorkian was charged with First Degree murder, and the jury found with guilty of Second Degree murder in March of 1999. Active euthanasia, physician assisted suicide is it right? I do not believe that if someone wants to die that a doctor should help them. When you think of a doctor you think of a professional example, he or she is there to help you heal or save your life, not to kill it. I believe the active euthanasia is wrong. God has a plan for you, every day is planned out for a reason, and everything that happens is for a reason. If you go and kill yourself, or at least have someone help you it is going against God's plan. With traditional Christian beliefs, it violates one's natural desire to live. It also harms people, and life is the gift
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