The Convalescent Home Analysis

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When I first walked I was able to notice the big piles of paperwork he had in yellow folders. However, I bravely asked what techniques or tools did he use to keep himself organized. His response was an answer I imagined he would say. “As you probably already saw, it is definitely a challenge to stay organized” (Visola). The convalescent home has 175 beds! It is a very big facility with constant things needed to be completed. He explained how the most challenging part of his job now is to be able to communicate with different ethnicities; he has had trouble with the language diversity, which hadn’t happened five years ago. Evergreen used to be an all-white-race community up until five years ago when other races join the convalescent home. The…show more content…
Visola also provides music for the residents. He usually schedules entertainers of different music genres and receives feedback from the residents to know if he should bring that certain entertainer often. His intention is to provide interest to them all, and to have a great range. The example he gave me was that some residents prefer rock versus rock and roll. A big challenge is when the residents do not want to participate explained VIsola. He understands that all the 175 residents in Evergreen have their individual personalities. For the residents who don’t like to exit their rooms, Visola has the entertainer visit them and play them a tune. There is always different entertainers contracted at evergreen about four times a week. Also, carefully dealing with different personalities in the morning is a challenge because some residents are awake by 5 am ready to start their day. On the contrary, there are “night owls” who stay up at night. The last challenge VIsola mentioned was being able to provide secure transportation for the residents so they will be able to be a part of the community. For example, when he takes some residents to go see a 3D movie, it’s an amazing activity because some had never seen a 3D movie with this modern
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