The Convention Of Philadelphia Convention

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Philadelphia Convention, also known as Federal Convention, a meeting lasted for 3 months in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not only revised the Articles of Confederation but also established the foundation of United States and created a new government. At that time in New York, there were two groups of people edited two different newspapers, The New York Journal and New York Packet. Though this convention worked in an agreement of secrecy, we still can get a lot of involved information by reading these newspapers. I chose three articles from the two newspapers to analyze, finding out that though there were cheerful expectations, the disagreements and doubts (which might lead to the birth of Republicans later) about the convention existed, and were even more than hopes.

First article comes from the New York Packet on June 3rd 1787. This article was a letter from a Virginian man. His opinions about the convention were clear, supported the division of power while doubted the divisions of States. He assumed that “If the respectable convention fail to establish a energetic government” the reason would be “the narrow minds, or selfish views of little politicians.” We could know his obvious support for the establishment of a new government and contempt about the obstructions from shortsighted people in these words. This gentleman also believed that the advantages of dividing the Federal power into two…
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