The Convergence Of Big Data And Security Approaches

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3. Benefits of analytics – the convergence of big data and security approaches is likely to lead to huge investments in analytics for risk assessment, automation and detection by existing and new networking vendors. This growth will require greater processing power from network equipments. 4. Security vs. Speed – security vendors will have to balance the demands for high speeds and visible access sprawl to cope with insider threats. The problem may get even worse with the current trend that has witnessed the growth of BYOD and the internet of things growing. To enhance security, network vendors will be forced to reassess their prioritization and make a move towards new solution technologies. That can balance the need for fine technology and security; the easy solutions include embracing active intelligence and probabilistic technologies. 5. Expectations for a complete suit network visibility – network visibility is critical in taming breaches of security at primed target businesses and organizations. Breaches such as those witnessed in retail brands such as Target and Staples are a case in point. The breaches are coming up because most network security designs in use today have not adapted to the more forceful dynamic access and threat environment. A reduction in network visibility is what has curtailed the ability of retail brands to fully secure their network assets. . The shift to complete network visibility will benefit the vendors who are keen on providing complete
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