The Convergence Of Two Faces Essay

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This brings us to the convergence of two faces. Professor Rossi amplifies this, “myths and symbols are imbued with meaning and interpretation of our own choosing, yet what symbols we use, and how we can choose to interpret them have to come from somewhere. We can’t simply make stuff up” (Class notes, 10/19). This mindset allows for individuals to have a choice, and pushes away from the stigma “west is best”. It is crucial for developing cultures to know that they have a choice, because given that choice, it is more likely that they will suceed. By admitting to an inability for cultures to adapt under false pretenses, the convergence permits a new era of creating civilizations. Political theorists constantly strive to provide explanations to what makes a governmental system work. Unfortunately, a large amount of them try to attest the success of countries to modernization. This is not the case, and what must be understood within government is that no two systems are the same. A country’s uniqueness allows them to succeed, and as said within the second face of control, one’s culture cannot be created from something that is not already there. The best-fit term to describe this convergence is political symbolism. Political symbolism revolves around the idea of “culture being something that we make of it”, and culture can now be seen as a “dynamic variable, it is no longer seen as monolithic and unchanging”(Class notes10/10). Political symbolism “studies the meanings and
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