The Convergence of Personal Computers and Consumer Electronics

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Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) are introducing product technology “convergence” between personal computers and consumer electronics industries (2004). In the past, there has only been enthusiasm, talks, and prototypes (2004). Today we have functioning product on the market that makes it a reality (2004). The giants in manufacturing computers, Dell, Gateway, and Hewlett Packard, made the brilliant transition into TV sells (2004). The most noticeable products are computer monitors and flat screen TVs (2004). Will this technology lead to failure?
During the past ten years, computers have been increasing in there popularity across the board (2004). Over the years, the personal computer has become affordable for the general
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Consumers’ need uncomplicated, simplified, understandable and user-friendly products that they are comfortable in purchasing (2011).
There are occasions when the need for technical support will surface. Unfortunately, the conversation with the tech-support is too technical to understand (2011). This behavior further frustrates the consumer; also, they are directed to another service, which in turn directs them to another service (2011). In the end the consumer my not have received the answer to the question that was presented to tech-support (2011).
The marketing for these electronic products are missing the mark (2011). The advertised product focuses on the technology (2011). To the average consumer this may be quite interesting and at the same time daunting (2011). Manufacturers and advertisers offer the technology as the sells hook for there product (2011). Yet all of this technology causes apprehension among buyers (2011).
What do consumers want from manufacturers? Can or will the manufacturers make their products more appealing and user-friendly for consumers? The pulse of consumers can reveal solutions.
Proposed Solutions
Manufacturers need to assure the consumers that the life spans of their products are more than a few years (2011). Avoid deception, be honest with the consumer, and inform them of the approximate time an upgrade will be needed (2011). Manufacturers need to produce products that have user-friendly interface, where by the consumer is

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