The Convergence of Port Security Technologies Worldwide

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Title: Convergence of Port Security Technologies Worldwide Introduction The importance of maritime and port security cannot be overemphasized. This is due to the fact that close to 90% of global trade happens by sea (Canadian Master Mariners Conference,2011) coupled with the threats posed by terrorism and organized crime on national and international security (Frittelli,2005). Technology has over the years been employed in the management of risks associated with port security. In this paper, we describe the convergence of port security technologies in domestic and foreign ports around the world and how these technologies work together from departure to arrival of these ships from one port to the next and ensure the safety and security of port authorities, civilian populace, and the many entities working within these ports. The need for tighter security at domestic and foreign ports Ituh (2010) noted that following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on U.S soil, the recognition of the risk that radiological and nuclear devices could easily be smuggled inside inbound cargo containers led the US members of Congress to pass laws that required the US customs Service to perform closed inspections of all the incoming container at all the U.S seaports. This then led to the creation of Security and Accountability for Every Port (SAFE) Act which was signed by George Bush. This is the act that authorized the design and development of very high technology inspection

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