The Conversation Of Damian In Big Brother

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This chapter is just to show you guys what Damian thinks about everyone and what everyone thinks about him. It isn't too descriptive, but it's there to give you guys some sort of picture of how Damian gets along with everyone.

Damian has liked Beth ever since they first met. He is closer to her than anyone else. The two spent a lot of time together everyday and when they weren't together, they texted or called each other.
Beth loves Damian, even though she doesn't know it yet. She finds him hilarious and adorable. Often she spends her time listening to him talk or watching him play the piano. Beth thought his clumsiness was cute, because he would get embarrassed and even more nervous.

Hannah thought very highly of Damian. The
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They often joke around and prank each other. Josh always makes sure that Damian is okay. He always reminds Damian that he's not alone and can always talk to him about anything.
Damian likes he has someone he could kind of relate too. He looks up to Josh like he's his big brother.

At first the two didn't talk much to each other, but the more they talked, the more they bonded. They knew just about everything about each other. Mike thinks very highly of Damian. Mike felt like he could tell Damian anything. He even trusts him with his life.
Damian is impressed by how intelligent and determined Mike is. He hates that he is very persuasive though. Damian trusts Mike and will do almost anything for him.

When Damian first met Jess, he thought she was a stuck up bitch. He didn't like that she tried to get his attention all the time either. He slowly started to like her once she realized she wasn't that bad of a person.
Jess had tried for the longest time to get Damian to like her. She thought he was sexy and she just needed to be with him. After a while she finally gave up on that dream boat. Jess thinks Damian is very funny, but she also thinks that he's not the smartest at times. Jess is also very jealous of Beth, but she never admitted it to
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