The Conversion Of Christianity : Not An Easy One As Explained By Rodoifio Lanciani

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The conversion from paganism to Christianity was not an easy one as explained by Rodoifio Lanciani and we know this through many writings, tombstones, buildings and documentations of events occurring at the time. While there are many groups that can document this transition and show that it was a difficult one, the prostitutes will be the main focus of this paper. They are the outliers like many others who were forsaken by the church. Perceptual changes, law changes, and sexuality changes occurred that affected their work by limiting customers and forcing them to go underground. Perception When discussing how the change in religions affected the prostitutes it is important to discuss perception and the general public’s shift in views through time. Was there that much of a change that occurred? The discussion starts with whether differing views during the time before the installation of the Christian Church or before Constantine made the Christian religion legal to practice. Literacy is a favorable measure of the shift because it is easily obtainable by people today. An exceptional place to start is with Horace and Dio Chrysostom Orations, two poets who were alive on both sides of the transition. Horace was a Roman poet in the last century before the birth of Christ. In contrast, Dio Chrysostom was a Greek Philosopher during the first century after the death of Christ. The two wrote about their own opinions of the ladies of the night. Horace wrote in Odes about a

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