The Conviction Of A Wrongful Conviction

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Have you ever been accused of something that you did not do? You, yourself being the only person knowing that you are innocent while everyone around you believes you are guilty. To add to the guilt all the evidence points to you as well. Even though you may prove your innocence, that negative stigma of being accused of something lingers around you and people still believe something must have been wrong. This was the case with Ivan Henry he was accused of a series of sexual assaults and spent 27 years behind bars for something he did not do. Ivan Henry is the perfect example of a victim of a wrongful conviction and how the justice system is flawed when it comes to convictions. Misconduct by the police and the Crown not disclosing important information led to Henry’ wrongful conviction. A wrongful conviction can be described as “a conviction of a person who was factually innocent” (Colvin, 2009). Also according to Colvin the leading culprits in wrongful convictions are: eyewitnesses, misidentification, investigative misconduct or errors by the police; prosecutorial misconduct or errors; faulty forensic evidence; false confessions; perjured or unreliable evidence of persons with a criminal background; and inadequate legal representation (Colvin, 2009). As Colvin is implies, the cause of a wrongful conviction is always by the individuals involved in the law enforcement and the forensics. Therefore this makes us question and wonder about how many individuals there must be

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